Goodell Avoiding Gillette Is Awesome

Let me be very clear: Rodger avoiding Gillette should not be taken any way other than as a positive thing for Patriots fans. The fuhrer of the NFL not showing up to the factory of greatness in the playoffs is awesome. It proves two things and two things only: Deflategate was a witch hunt from the start, and Patriots fans successfully defended the wall. Hysterical. Its fantastic. Its great. and furthermore, way more fulfilling than if he were to attend a game here. As obvious as it was from the start that deflate gate was a personal vendetta by big Rog, this just solidifies the fact.

I will be the first to say that Roger has a genuine reason not to come. Pats fans are insane…we are… its just a fact. With that said, some crazy fan could try to kill the dude. BUT it is 100% his own fault. Its like a tough guy throwing fire crackers into a bear’s cave for no reason and expecting the bear to be like “ya thats fine.. no worries.. just keep throwing explosives into my house.” Then never again going near┬áthe woods and avoiding every single question on why he refuses to… but you know.. remains playing the tough guy position.

All of those factors accounted for, I hope the man never attends another game at Gillette, only because its one of the funniest running jokes in the sports world. Like every jets season, or the Bills fans, or that Brock Osweiler is a free man after stealing at least 41 million dollars.




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