Dude steals beer by pretending he’s the delivery guy

img_4209News article excerpt: “a beer delivery man has been working hard recently to make sure product is leaving the shelves of stores in the Prattville area. The problem for those stores, though, is that the man is 22-year-old beer enthusiast Darrius Williams and not a real beer delivery driver.”



It’s like this guy ripped a page straight out of Big Red Z Moore’s book of “ways to acquire the devil’s nectar”. ┬áIt’s great. So this dude walks into a supermarket, dressed like a delivery guy, and snags a bunch of cases without anyone asking any questions. Have you ever seen the movies where they pose as a sewer cleaning crew right in the middle of a busy street when performing a heist or some garbage? And people never notice what’s going on in plain sight? Ya, well this is that, except way better. This guy waltzes in and probably threw a smile and wave at the store manager before nabbing a ton of brews that he went home and crushed while reading articles about how genius he is all over the Internet.




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