Fire Alarm-Gate ?

Report: “Police have arrested Dennis Harrison, a 25-year-old Boston man who allegedly set off the alarm. According to Paolantonio, Harrison has been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and pulling a false fire alarm.”
We finally know what the talk of the sports world will be in regards to the reason the patriots win tonight. Good, glad that’s all cleared up.

It’s now time to acknowledge the fact that Dennis Harrison just sacrificed himself for the good of a nation. This is defending the wall by throwing your body on an explosive to stop any and all structural damage. Some heroes wear capes, others camouflage, badges (etc.), but this guy, This guy wears cuffs. He wears cuffs so that pats nation can enjoy another super bowl.  Now, realistically they, probably didn’t need the help, but don’t say home field advantage isn’t a factor. Especially when your fan base would become martyrs for them to when a championship. Massachusetts is a dictatorship. It’s run by Bill. Whether he acknowledges it or not. Brady is the front man, but Bill runs the show, and all of New England. These fans would do anything for the guy, whether he directed it to be done or not, including pull the fire alarm at the opposing team’s hotel the night before the AFC championship.

You heard it here first.  Fire alarm gate is a thing.


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