Brady. Belichick. Harrison


Divisional Playoffs - Denver Broncos v New England PatriotsLegend has it that if you mention Tom Brady’s name to a patriots fan in New England, they’ll instantly become clammy, their heart rate will increase, and they will talk for 45 minutes straight about how lucky Gisele is that she gets to sleep with him every night. This is kind of just another example of that, as if they were hard to come by in the first place.

By now everyone knows of Dennis Harrison, and we are being told that he yanked the fire alarm on a dare from a friend. He and his good friend Bill Belichick partying and and after a few Bill Cosby smoothies BB suggests that Dennis should go pull that fire alarm? “Hey Denny, it’d be so cool if you did”. The world may never know if the Drunken dare was real or not but his explanation is the most Patriots fan thing I’ve heard in a while.. “I’m Drunk. I’m Stupid. I’m A Pats Fan”. Go ahead patriots fans, get that tattooed across your forehead and put it up next to the “WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS” quote by Kraft.

To be totally honest, Im glad that this happened. Thats home field advantage for you. You want the fan base pulling drunken Navy Seal operations to ensure your win? Win home field advantage. Simple as that. Its part of the game as far as I am concerned.

This guy’s name will go down with the greats if the patriots can pull off a win here. BRADY. BELICHICK. HARRISON. greenhouse_24falsealarm-2_metro-4818


Though he might just be a front man for whatever is going on here. Who really knows what could have gone down. For all we know, it was just any old Bostonian doing their natural born duties… To defend, and protect their home team at any and all cost.




It could have even been locker room guy…  if we will ever know who that was…










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