Bart Scott trolling Pats in SB “You could say Falcons have the better QB”

It’s that time of the year ladies and gentlemen. Late January, Super Bowl weekend approaching, and Tom Brady and the Patriots find themselves in their 7th Super Bowl in 15 seasons. Let me be clear. This is ridiculous. You will NEVER EVER see an era of dominance in sports ever again. Tom Brady just knows how to win the big games, its in his blood and part of his DNA. However, longtime Patriots hater and troll Bart Scott seems to believe otherwise. Let’s take a look at what this longtime Patriots hater had to say about the QB matchup (is there even a matchup argument?) of Brady vs. Ryan come Super Bowl LI
“We know they’re the better offense, and right now, you could say they got the better quarterback because they have the MVP of the league,” Scott said. “Now that’s a debate, but Matt Ryan has earned the right for his name to be put up there with the upper-echelon quarterbacks.
He’s always been elite in the regular season, but now he’s taken this show into the postseason and he’s won the hard battles against the elite quarterbacks and now you have to give him his due.”
Let’s all please take a moment to process what Bart Scott just said.
bart-scott1Yes. Matt Ryan is a great quarterback. Let’s not take anything away from this BC College grad. Matt Ryan has paid his dues. He is coming off an amazing season and is in the prime of his career, chalking the 2016 season up with 4944 Passing Yards, 38 TD’s, and 7 INT’s. He has been 2 NFC Championship games and is now entering his 1st Super Bowls in 9 years.
Do I even have to go into Brady’s career statistics? Matt Ryan can’t even hold Brady’s jockstrap. Matt Ryan is by no means on an elite level such as Brady or Rodgers by any means. Anyone who agrees with this outrageous statement by Bart Scott either is anti-Patriots/Brady person or needs their head examine. Brady at the age of 39 is playing the best football at quarterback position we will ever see and hate to break it to you ATL fans and Patriot haters, but there is no way Tom Brady will lose this Super Bowl after the bullshit witch-hunt operated on him by Douche Goodell and other NFL owners that cost him 4 games of his career.
Brady is playing on another level and its straight up scary. Matt Ryan and ATL fans have no idea what they’re going up against. 7th Super Bowl vs. a newcomer into the big game at the QB position? Take Brady and the Pats and take a nap. There will be no “Dirty Bird” dance on February 5th by Arthur Blank or Michael Vick after the game. In fact, they are gonna need toilet paper because their asses are gonna be the only thing “dirty bird” about them with shit running down their leg after what Brady does to them on the field.
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