Justin Beiber getting man-handled by Chris Pronger is fantastic (VIDEO)


Lets get this out of the way: He isn’t trying to bury Bieber, nor does he bury him at all. The click bait was brutal today with this one so let me put that to rest. With that said, Chris Pronger is having the time of his life in this picture. I don’t necessarily like Chris, but here, he is doing what every self respecting individual not he planet would like to do. I get its all in good fun, but we can dream about a heroic Pronger mashing bieber in the corner, can’t we? Bieber is a total A-Hole. Kid makes some bangers for sure, but I mean we’re talking about a kid that ripped his ferrari through his gated community and almost nailed Keyshawn Johnson’s 3 year old daughter in the process, then ran away from the Keshawn when he wanted to tell bieber to slow down. But that’s enough with the hate piece on bieber, we need to get back to the mediocre scenario that we are blowing up because of its downsizing Bieber (which i am perfectly fine with). Though it wasn’t a massive hit, it was definitely a show of dominance by Chris. This dude basically saying “I see you world, and I am going to make a play only a true grit guy would make, even with this ancient frame of mine”.

So lets move on and say, I don’t know, an “awesome” scenario happened here: Bieber. Pronger. piece of half inch glass. Camera Man. Pronger could have let him go. He could have let the play continue up the sideboards. But he didnt. He made a choice, and he chose to be a hero to the world instead of a defenseman in a celebrity game.




Bieber wearing a full mask is such a bieber move.




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