Will Tom Brady Retire if he wins Super Bowl 51?


Listen, I’m the last guy to say TB is going to retire if he wins. I mean, what Tom says, Tom means, right?  When he says, “When i suck, Ill retire”, he means it… right? The guy clearly was not at that level this year. He is very clearly not declining. But what about the evidence that he might be changing his mind on his statement? When TB says that it was awesome being home with his family (when coming off of his suspension), maybe its awesome enough for him to call it quits over? It came out recently that his mom is pretty sick or something along those lines which could leave him thinking more about that than about next season, right? He’s been emotional throughout this week of interviewing, which isn’t really out of the ordinary but something definitely worth noting. The thing that is impossible to ignore and that i know people have been worrying about in the back of their would be the slogan. The slogan that Kraft came up with…”ONE MORE”.  One more? One more what? I heard that and i nearly collapsed like I’m sure all of patriots nation did. One more very well could be just a slogan that Kraft came up with while half in the bag after celebrating the beginning of the playoffs, I don’t know. But to any fan of Brady and even Belichick for that matter is probably going to be uneasy with that one.

For what its worth I’m just about 100% sure BB and TB aren’t going anywhere, but it was worth taking a look at right? I mean if they did retire It would be in the fashion that they have played with their whole career… out on top of the world with a giant middle finger. Though if they didn’t retire, it would be a bigger middle finger i think. Not only would they be dropping the bird on the NFL but then the league wouldn’t be done worrying about them. They would just continue the gross dominance that they have performed for 17 years. I hope it goes in that direction, but its worth noting the evidence. This post either confirms your deepest suppressed thoughts that others might be worrying the same thing, or it relaxes you a bit knowing how tantalizing it must be for BB and TB to come back for more years of dominance. One way or another, there is “One More” to go in this season… and I’m positive (but always worried ill be wrong ) there will be more to come. 061415rings005




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