Super Bowl 51 Breakdown

When it comes to the super bowl you can never really know what to expect most of the time. You can game plan for ABC and then get hit with XYZ like what Seattle did in 49 with Chris Matthews (who was working at fucking footlocker earlier that year) absolutely DOMINATING the first half then proceeding to get shutdown in the second. Sometimes it ends up coming down to one single play.. yeah everyone knows “the Pick” a lot of people don’t remember the tackle on the Goal Line at Super bowl 35 which was made by a relatively unknown linebacker who made a great play for Dick Vermeil. With it being the biggest game of the year a lot of weird shit seems to happen during it. There was a time in recent memory where in three straight super bowls the game opened the scoring with Safety.

So it’s safe to say you can’t really predict the super bowl on what is going to happen you can really only stress an opinion. With that I thoroughly believe that Bill is going to find away to “limit” not shut down Julio Jones. We aren’t going to see all that much Malcom on him because he just isn’t that big. Eric Rowe who is closer in size to Julio will probably see the most action with a Cover 2 Safety over the top to double him. Which is what the Pats played most of the season to slow down top receivers. 3 of the Pats top tacklers have been in the secondary and the best has been Logan Ryan who led the team in tackles. They are the best at limiting Yards after the Catch which is what a major part of Atlanta Offense. Now everyone is seeing the game between this side of the ball, what people aren’t looking at is that the Pats had the 3rd best scoring offense overall this season and were 2nd when Brady was at the Helm. They were a single yard away from running the table since Brady has returned from the “suspension”. The Falcons D was in the bottom third all year and one of the worst in YAC defense which is the bread n butter of the Pats Quick Slant Aerial Attack. Chris Hogan is once again going to be someone to watch out for because he did lead the league in Yards per Catch + ATL has 4 rookies starting on that defense and we all know when the Pats go up against a young D they end up shredding them to pieces. Another thing to look for could actually be the running game. LB who has a quiet post season which isn’t the norm since he has been here, he could be up for a massive performance if the pats decided to play clock management. Along with a bad pass d ATL also had a really bad run defense when teams actually had the opportunity to run the ball when they weren’t playing from behind, but that could also be attributed to the fact they played a ton of Prevent all season because they led a lot in games.

We should also look to see what Matty Ice can bring to the table as well in games he had a QBR of under 70 he was 3-5 in games it was over 70 they were 10-0. He is a very smart QB but has a history of not showing up in big games, but has been showing up in these playoffs except the Defenses he has faced have been Tomato Cans. Anytime a team has been able to get Pressure he loves to go to that check down to a RB similar to Tom, but they don’t have a decent TE so watch for Chung who is the 7th man in the Box to have the role of covering the RB’s who come out of the backfield.

It will likely end up being a close game considering that the Pats have never won a super bowl by more than 4 points and with the spread sitting at 3 that is going to be some tough money to bet, but I would personally still take the pats with the points because it does have that chance to be a blow out if they get up on ATL early.

Final Score 31-27 New England. ATL scores a late touchdown to bring it to 4 but they don’t recover the onside kick and that’s how it ends.

Brady ends up being the Super Bowl MVP and unlike what we want he will accept it with grace and class and maybe just whisper a nice Fuck You into Goddell’s ear but he won’t do it on the Mic.

The biggest unsung hero of the game is going to Marcus Cannon. He is going to be tasked with shutting down Vic Beasley who has been awesome this season they limit him the Falcons won’t be putting pressure on Tom and that is the only way you can beat him in the Super Bowl.


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