People are mad about barstool selling out and leaving long time stoolies hanging


Barstool sports. They single handled paved the way for a TON of media outlets just like the one you’re hearing from now. A few dudes worked their balls off to become the top of the food chain int he sports media industry. For you stoolies out there you know about what happened when it comes to their big buy out this summer. They left their smalltime milton HQ just outside Boston, and moved to NYC. The owner of BS, Dave Portnoy, was bought out as majority owner by the Chernin group. Thus began the growing number of stoolies who were left a little thrown off by this.

Barstool Sports had a motto: By The Common Man, For the Common Man. Lets be honest for a second, they’re no longer the common man, nor are they even writing for the common man, but who can blame them? Portnoy worked for, what, like 15 years to make his business known? How can you blame a dude for shooting his shot, and taking his business and hard work to the next level. You can’t, plain and simple. That doesn’t mean long time readers of their content can’t be a little displeased with where they had been heading.

Again, you can’t blame them for taking the elevator to the next level after years of climbing the stairs; but what you can do is be a little upset that they have left their grass roots fan base out to dry.

(taken from the comment section on a single post)

Chad Harper “I love barstool but their bitching about trump is getting so old…”
Thomas Boyle “… they used to be so pro trump before they sold to chernin. They were selling make America great again hats on their store. And guess who bought one from them… I like the hat more than I like barstool now.”

Jennifer Gallagher “It’s a wonder why kids don’t respect authority. Because stuff like this is glorified.
P.S. – stop blogging about bullshit – I vote for a new stole prez”

John McClean “Definitely not the old barstool. The buyout was the worst possible thing that could happen”

Josh Williams “New Barstool is ass. Money killed these dudes.”

Chris Palazzo “Go back to old format. Sit in seperate offices on camera and tear into each other. Much funnier”


Those are just some of the hundreds you’ll come across on barstool. I didn’t want to take the time to go through all their things to find others, i just took what I saw that was basically right in front of me, but i digress. Even with regards to the political end of barstool, Portnoy was as right wing as they come, still is, but that was always balanced out by the rest of the crew. Now, Chernin decides what gets posted politically and lately it feels like every single post has some sort of political backend. These  satirical sports media outlets are where we come to get away from our packed timelines of political BS, we don’t need to see more of it.

Ill be the first to praise barstool for their grind and dedication to get to where they are, but i offer up some advice too: get back to the roots or you’ll loose your base. I started this little site here on the groundwork of an awesome idea. I got a few guys together that i thought could help me in turning this idea into something great, and we will take it to that level. One thing i can promise is that though we aim to build on what BS has laid groundwork for, we wouldn’t ever leave our readers discussing why we changed so much from what made us into something. Ill keep reading and enjoying the comical posts, but as someone who has been a reader for as long as I can remember, I hope they get it together. Though given their lack of decision making ability now, i can’t see that happening.




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