Super Bowl Prop Bets


The thing we love about the Super Bowl are the prop bets. Now prop bets weren’t always a thing it actually only started within the last 25 years. In the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a string of games that ended in blow outs. Vegas was losing money, viewership wasn’t totally down, but was slipping. So Vegas was looking for a way to bring in some more action. Thus the Prop bets were born. Now there used to only really be 20-30 different prop bets that you could make, now we have over 200 of them. Some can even be parlayed into different sports. Here are the ones that are going to make you some actual money.

  1. The National Anthem. Vegas has the over under at 2 minutes and 9 seconds. Luke Bryant famous country singer isn’t one to really stretch out his vocals so Tommy Tooquick is telling you to HAMMER THE UNDER
  2. Microsoft Tablet Malfunction: All year we know BB has had a problem with the Surface he hates it immensely but you know the NFL is gonna make him use it for the advertising. The odds are 6-1 that something will malfunction. Tommy Tooquick is gonna tell you to put a low risk wager on the 6-1. 10 can net you 50 in profits low risk high reward.
  3. Mentions of Deflategate. The Over Under is set at 1.5. Now the announce team will likely only mention it one time on the air for the purpose of getting it out of the way, but don’t expect it to come up again. Tommy Tooquick is saying this is an absolute homerun of a bet. Especially after the beating Roger took at SOTU address earlier this week.
  4. James White Total Yards. James White was second on the Team in receptions all season and right now the bet line is at 28.5 total yards for him on the game. Now if anyone remembers what happen last time was Shane Vereen had a prop line of 2.5 catches in the super bowl against the same defense and he had 11 that game. James White is all set up to have a huge Shane Vereen type game. Put a good chunk of your money on this Prop Bet because Tommy Tooquick believes it’s an absolute can’t lose.
  5. Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first after he is presented the trophy? Team and Teammates is a +150 now I know it’s the lowest of the plus that is out there, but if Brady wins MVP you know that is exactly who he is going to first because every time he won MVP he did exactly that. Tommy Tooquick says take the small plus and make some money rather than throw it on something outlandish.

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