I woke up this morning, like every morning, lacking energy and groggy as all hell. It usually takes me about 2-3 hours and a medium iced coffee from Dunks to fully wake up. However, that was not the case today. Today, after rolling around in bed enough to wake myself up, I looked through my phone notifications and came across this beaut on Facebook posted by Patriots Nation. I could be on my death bed and this video would bring me back to life. When I first laid my eyes on this video, I WANTED TO RUN THROUGH A BRICK WALL. Without further ado, feast your eyes on this gem:


It is going to be a matchup like no other on Sunday. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and the electric Falcons offense will go up against the G.O.A.T. and a Patriots defense that has let up the least amount of points among all defenses this season. The last Super Bowl to feature the best statistical offense and the best statistical defense was Super Bowl XLVIII (48 for you lazy mofos) where the historic Denver Broncos offense, led by future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning, went against the notorious Seattle Seahawks and their defense, the “Legion of Boom.” I think we all remember how that game ended, with the Seahawks defense ripping apart Manning’s offense (43-8 Seattle). By no means am I expecting a blowout of this proportion BUT if anyone can do it, it is the New England Patriots. Regardless of the margin of victory, the Patriots WILL be the Super Bowl champions. In the end, Brady will cement his legacy as the GREATEST to ever dawn a football jersey, Belichick will be undoubtedly the greatest coach ever in the NFL, and the Patriots will be the greatest dynasty in the NFL and arguably all of sports. Although Pats fans have already known this to be true for years, it is time for the world to see it, especially Roger Goodell; words cannot describe how happy I will be to see his beaten, smug face hand over a FIFTH Lombardi Trophy to Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. Make sure you grab a nice seat on the couch for this game because you will be witnessing history in the making. #ONEMORE

Video Credit: Patriots NationĀ 








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