Momma Brady is in the house for SB51.. Pray for the falcons


Well, there it is. Its what we have all been waiting to see. As you all know by now, TB12’s mom has been under the weather for a while now. Without divulging into the reasons for that notion, I think it is safe to assume that Tom wanted his mom to be there for the first game attended by both of is parents this season. In the most manly way to put it, its heartwarming to see this picture given how shaken up Brady seemed at the media nights the last week. Tom is, as one might say it, the number one fan of his number one fans, so its good knowing that he’s happy going into the big game. Glad your mom is feeling better, GOAT.

Now, inevitably its going to be on your mind whether this will effect his game play…

Answer: Yes. haha.. oh yes.

I said “pats by a million” the day of the bills game when they shoved Brissett in pregame, and that didn’t really go as planned and i vowed to never use that phrase again, so let me rephrase that.

~with his mom in the stands tomorrow, rest assured that it will be “Tom Brady by 1 trillion”~

See you soon, Goodell.

ps: Kind of want to see TB senior RKO Goodell postgame



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