The Falcons aren’t going to win tonight but that doesn’t stop all of America for thinking they will.

imageIt’s important to keep in mind that the public opinion is totally useless when it comes to Patriot’s games, in general. With the Super Bowl, it way more important to realize that they are totally useless, and they’re useless because people hate the Patriots. Don’t place bets based on public opinion, ESPECIALLY in Pats games. Every single person with some sort of brain activity knows the Pats are going to win tonight. They also know that everyone picks against them because they are hopeful that their picking against them somehow stopping them from winning. I don’t know, thats the best excuse i can come up with for their horrible picks. I mean, ya, if you want to root for another team because you hate the team for mashing on your squad regularly, then go ahead. But when it comes to giving “educated guesses” on who will win, don’t be salty. Make the obvious choice. Read the tale of the tape. A #2 offense and #1 defense blow away the #1 offense and #28 defense any day of the week and every time on SB Sunday. Enough already, i can taste the salt from here.


haters gonna hate




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