The Ghost of David Tyree is Finally Exorcised

Every Pats fan in the world remembers the play and lingering pain of the David Tyree catch. How could anyone forget the most infamous name in Boston since Aaron ‘Freakin’ Boone? Eli Manning somehow escaped being dragged to the ground by his jersey, closed his eyes, and heaved the football halfway down the field. 2157889318001_4790469814001_4772647183001-vsDespite being guarded by All-Pro (and potential Hall of Fame) safety Rodney Harrison, Tyree was able to use his head to make the most improbable catch of Super Bowl history at the time; however, the universe seems to have a cyclical path of restoration. With 2:28 left on the game clock and the Pats down 8, the universe took its course. Julian Edelman, Keanu Nealm Ricardo AllenBrady delivered a 1st down pass into triple coverage and, as three Falcons defenders converged, the ball bounced off a defenders leg and Julian Edelman swooped in and caught the falling ball within inches from the ground (side note: unbelievable officiating to rule this as a catch before any replay). It was the most magical play in the most magical game; as the Patriots rallied from 25 points down to win Super Bowl LI. Now, Patriots fans can finally rest easy. The ghost of David Tyree is gone now, never to be seen or heard from again. I can now peacefully go to sleep without the prospect of him coming back to haunt me. The ghost of Tyree has been exorcised and we are Super Bowl champions.


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