The Greatest Comeback in Football History

Seldom do you see something unfold in front of your eyes that you know that you will never see again. That once in a life time performance that will never be replicated. Last night in Super Bowl 51 we saw just that. The greatest performer in history of football pulled off what was the unbelievable. As the Patriots were being absolutely humiliated on the biggest stage in all of sports has to offer and all you can think is wow. What is going on? They are getting their ass kicked like we have never seen before?

The Atlanta Falcons came out flying last night. After a first quarter score of 0-0 which was a hard fought defensive struggle. Both defenses were playing fast, getting pressure in the face of both quarter backs in what was a pretty boring quarter. Then the second quarter the wheels started falling off the cart. ATL comes down the field with a big plays and goes up 7-0 on a Freeman touchdown and a sweep to the left to which he walked in. Then on the next drive the Patriots are taking the ball down the field and LB got the ball stripped from him, as he was trying to get more yards. Then Atlanta recovered and Matty Ice then took it down the field with a few more big plays and a nice catch by Julio and went down and scored to make it 14-0. Now you have that sinking feeling started to come in and Brady starts driving the team down the field. Getting right to the outside of the Redzone. Then a great play call by Dan Quinn to have the free safety jump the slant and take it back for a pick six and now it is 21-0 and it’s not looking good at all. The next drive James White starts to step up he had a big first down on the drive to help bring the pats down the field to try and punch it in. A bad penalty by Marty B took the Pats off the two yard line and made us need to settle for a field goal and now its 21-3 at the half.

The Patriots are the best second half team in all of football. BB makes great adjustments and was a big factor in keeping up the mood in the room. So the pats kick off and end up getting a three n out. You are thinking here we go, good field position lets punch it in and make it a game. Then they went three and out. Then the defense had a breakdown and Atlanta goes up 28-3 in the third quarter and all of a sudden it’s over. BB teams don’t get blown out, but right now they are. So the Pats offense gets the ball and takes it down the field for a long 6 minute drive and they punched it in, but missed the extra point… which at the time seemed like it was “the kiss of death”, but then the defense stepped up got a stop. The offense came out, but only managed to get a field goal… now you are down 16 points. Two touchdowns and Two 2pt conversions. A still near impossible feat to achieve let alone in the fourth quarter of the super bowl. They then go onside kick and don’t recover it and it looked bad. Stepping up once again in the big game 54 Dont’a Hightower the BOOMTOWER gets a strip sack and Alan Branch recovered. So there’s a pulse there, but still not much. Brady then proceeds to take them down the field and get the ball in the endzone. Then they ran the direct snap. And they were in. One score game six minutes to go. They decide to kick it deep and Gostkowski pinned it perfectly. Backed them up inside the 10. Matt Ryan hit a big pass out into the flat with a great RAC that brought it up to mid field. Then Julio made one of the greatest catches I have ever seen to get it deep in pats territory. Then the weirdest thing happened after a run for no gain on second down Ryan dropped back and got sacked by Trey Flowers for a 12 yard loss. Then dropped back again and they got hit for a 10 yard holding call and now its 3rd n 33. They got a stop and the ball back. Then we witnessed greatness. Brady took the team down the field and thanks to the “immaculate gritception” (h/t PFT) A catch for the first time in the super bowl has gone the Patriots Way. James white then capped off the drive to bring it to within two points. Now it has come down to one play. All or nothing they run a quick screen to Amendola who had a huge game with 8 catches. Who then fought his way to the Pylon to tie the ball game with 50 seconds to go… now the best offense in football has no timeouts the ball deep in own territory and a chance to win the game! To which they once again go 3 n out. So 3 seconds left on the clock ball at the 35 of NE. The Patriots actually ran the “Annexation of Puerto Rico” to try and win the super bowl. A play literally out of a movie to win the Super Bowl. It gained a few yards, but ultimately did no damage.

Now for the first time in 51 years the Super Bowl has gone to an overtime. Then comes to coin toss. Special Teams Captain Matthew Slater called heads…. And it was heads. After scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter and 25 unanswered the Patriots are getting the ball with a chance to win. #OneMore drive everything you put in all year comes down to one single drive. They took it down the field Brady continued to carve apart the defense. Taking into the redzone, on second down he goes to Marty B. Who made a couple big plays and had a couple mistakes gets a huge Defensive PI Call. 1st n Goal to go from the 2 in overtime of the 51st Super Bowl. First Play fade to the back of the endzone to Marty B which was covered well by Vic Beasley. It was a dangerous throw that just fluttered to the ground for 2nd Goal. Then they called a Toss Sweep to the right side to James White who had 14 points at this point of the game. Who put his head down and broke the plain of the goal line and all of a sudden the Patriots had become Super Bowl Champions Again!!!!!

This was a game of plays. The Sack Fumble by Hightower. The Catch by Jules. The Sack by Trey Flowers. James White who I said will have a monster Shane Vereen type game had a super bowl record 14 catches and 3 touchdowns. Marcus Cannon didn’t get enough credit for his play against Vic Beasley. Tasked with taking on one of the best pass rushers in the league and making him disappear. The same can’t be said about Shaq Mason who struggled all night by Grady Jarrett for ATL. Who played phenomenal he had three sacks of TB12 and he could’ve been a possible MVP candidate. Julio Jones had made a few nice catches on the sideline, but I said that the Patriots would find a way to limit his production. To which they exactly did he had 4 catches for 84 yards and no touchdowns. Eric Rowe was on him a lot of the game with that cover two over the top like I said they were going to play. Malcom Butler had a game to forget especially after he got turned inside which he fell for a 30 yard+ play. Logan Ryan played great on Mohammad Sanu he had only 2 catches for 25 yards. Limited him to only 2 targets as well. Patrick Chung also played hell of a game on defense he had two passes defended and played a lot stronger as the game went on. The Patriots had 37 first downs to the Falcons 17 first downs. Tuna once said the best way to stop a high powered offense is to keep them off the field. 40:31 time of possession for the Pats to Atl only had 23:27. They wore down that defense, slowed them down, and got Tom time to throw the ball plus get the receivers open. Put this into perspective Tom threw for 196 yards in the 4th Quarter. In the Fourth fucking Quarter. This Super Bowl is going to be a game we will always talk about of how incredible of a comeback it truly was. The Greatest to ever do it showed the world who was boss.


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