Is This Tom Brady commercial, Filmed In September, The Biggest Power Move Ever? (MUST WATCH)

Is it crazy to say that this is the biggest power move in history? I don’t think so. The guy was losing by 25 points, and came back to win Super Bowl 51. He was 25 points and 1 half of a football game away from having to remember filming this scene, and probably never stop remembering it. Who knows, maybe that moment when brady was sitting there, head down, on the bench was actually him remembering this timing day¬†and being like “I can’t believe I filmed that commercial. I can’t believe I let shields talk me into… Wait… maybe i can just do Tom Brady things….”. Boom, he goes out and puts up 31 unanswered points. Facts only, Tom won the game to avoid seeing this commercial¬†replayed in his mind every single night. And you gotta love the dig at Goodell in there.Just awesome. I don’t care how nice they play it on TV, they hate each other, and its nice to see that swipe at Goody 6 months ahead of time.




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