The Bruins Blow, and they’ll Be Irrelevant Very Soon.


So by now you have all heard of the firing of C Julez which was the most cowardly move I have seen in a while in the sports world. I have been saying they should fire him for years, but it should have happened “years” ago. The rebuilding process was screwed up from the start because Neely and Sweeney have not the slightest clue how to build a team. I hope the top draft pics they used don’t get totally wasted, it would be a shame, and a lot longer before the bruins are decent again. sweeney_don_bruins-470x264

On top of the Bruins not really having a great reason for firing Julien, they decide to announce the firing during the Super Bowl Parade so that the media wouldn’t be able to question the decision. This situation is bananas. The guys who should have been fired fired a guy who should have been fired 3 years ago. I like Julien, great coach, but he isn’t getting anything out of the players anymore. It doesn’t help his situation that the guys who fired him have not been able to put a solid team on any sheet of ice, over two different countries, for years now.

Whatever, Im done talking about it. The Bruins frustrate me to the point that I don’t even watch the games anymore, and we have season tickets. Give me the Red Sox and Patriots any day to watch over the Bruins. I would watch the Patriots play the Browns for all 60 minutes of game time over watch the Bruins play the Penguins for half a game. Its really not entertaining to see a bad team out there representing your fan base. Now, with the Celtics making a run, the Bruins will be quick to become comparably irrelevant in a place where hockey is a religion.




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