Meet Jarrius Robertson

For those of you that live under a rock, this weekend in New Orleans is NBA All-Star Weekend. There are many things I could ramble on about—such as the Westbrook and Durant relationship— but I am one who likes to look at the bigger picture. By bigger picture, I mean something that is more important than basketball and this weekend as a whole. Personally, I love heartwarming stories within sports, like Sportscenter’s  program My Wish. If you like these kinds of stories like I do, then let me introduce you to Jarrius Robertson who is stealing the spotlight from the players at the NBA All-Star Weekend

Jarrius Robertson is a 14 year old who is battling a rare life-threatening liver disease called “biliary atresia.” In his short life, Jarrius has already gone through multiple surgeries, including a liver transplant when he was only a year old. On top of that, Jarrius has gone through lung complications caused by pneumonia he caught when he was younger. This, as well as other health complications, forced doctors at the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans to induce Jarrius into a coma. According to his website , Jarrius was in a medically induced coma for almost a year. Jarrius’s parents hated to see him live in such agony. Eventually, Jarrius’s parents signed the papers to pull the plug on his respirator, which was keeping him alive. Jarrius’s chances of living were slim to none. However, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Jarrius and his spirit to live pulled through in the end when he started to breathe on his own.

Today, Jarrius lives each and every day to the fullest; one of his favorite ways to do so is through sports. Originally, Jarrius found stardom by being the New Orleans Saints Superfan. In fact, Jarrius had signed a contract to become an honorary Saint. With the NBA All-Star Game being held in New Orleans, it was only right to include Jarrius in the festivities. Not many people are given this same opportunity, but no one will seize it like Jarrius has so far.

Yesterday, the NBA All-Star weekend kicked off with a media day with most of the players attending the festivities, including Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and many others. Thanks to ESPN / Sportscenter, Jarrius was able to attend and interview players during media day. Take a look at some of the moments:

After media day had finished, Jarrius was invited to the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. If you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, Jarrius steals the show wherever he goes. During the fourth quarter of the game, he was called on as a substitute. Just watch what happens next:

Goosebumps, smiles, chills, tears… you name it and I got it from watching Jarrius last night. It was just truly amazing to see this happen. If it were up to me (or America), Jarrius would have been MVP for the entire NBA All-Star Weekend. Jarrius’s relentless uplifting spirit and his carpe diem attitude are truly inspiring and it just proves that sports are more than just a game.


If you want to see more videos like the ones shown, check out Jarrius’s twitter handle @Jarrius

If you would like to hear more about Jarrius and his life story, check out his website

If you would like to donate to help Jarrius and his family with medical expenses, check out his GoFundMe page



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