Danny Paycut

Why keeping Danny Amendola is crucial to the success of the New England Patriots. The biggest news that has come out of the Patriots off-season was that the first thing they wanted to do was to bring down the cap hit on Danny Amendola, which is currently sitting at 7.8 million (makes 6.73 in total) for next season which is a 5 million dollar increase from last year when the cap hit was 2.8 million. They put it out to the press and wanted it known they wanted him to take less money and publically Danny has said all the right things, talking about how he is willing to take the cut in order to stay in New England. Now a lot of people would say there is a log jam at receiver in New England and those people don’t know football. The Patriots have a fully loaded receiving core with Julian (Edelman) and Chris (Hogan) being the top two targets along with Malcolm Mitchell breaking out in his rookie season. Danny (Amendola) is likely the 5th or 6th target for Tom (Brady) the thing is that it doesn’t matter what target you are as long as you make the plays and that is exactly why DA is indispensable. Danny (Amendola) is known as a big game player he always shows up when the lights are shining brightest. He had 8 catches in the super bowl come back and is featured in one of the most Iconic Plays in the second half of this dynasty with the “Edelman to Amendola” Double Pass against the Ravens in the 2015 Playoffs. He has stepped up whenever (Julian) Edelman can’t be on the field  and plays very well in that role as “the first look reciever” We also can’t forget how great he is at fielding punts on Special Teams something that is undervalued from a fans perspective. Hopefully Danny does end up resigning here because as a Patriot he is in this window right now where they can be back at the super bowl next season barring any significant injuries.



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