Paul Pierce Only Speaks the TRUTH

The last week in the NBA has been a roller coaster of events. From the All-Star Weekend to the trade deadline, there has not been a dull moment. Although most of the NBA has focused on DeMarcus Cousins going to New Orleans, don’t let that distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. Not many have forgot that historic implosion by the Warriors, especially not Paul Pierce.

In the last few weeks, Paul Pierce has been in the spotlight quite a bit due to his imminent retirement at the end of this season. Just under 20 days ago, the Clippers came into Boston to face the Celtics for the final time at the Garden this season. In other words, this was the last time that Pierce would be playing in Boston in his career. Although Pierce has not received a farewell tour to the likes of other professional athletes, his final appearance in the Garden (as a player) had to be special. Special does not even begin to describe the events that transpired during that game.

You aren’t a Celtics fan if you didn’t get teary eyed. Hell, you aren’t a sports fan if that didn’t give you chills. Everything about Pierce and his final weekend in Boston was AMAZING. However, other places have not been as kind to Pierce as the Garden faithful were on that day.

Last night, the Clippers played the Warriors in dramatic fashion. In the end, the Warriors took home a win, mainly due to a 50 point third quarter. Although, the headlines this morning have not been about the game but rather about Draymond Green. During the game, Draymond was a huge asshole, per usual, because he was kicking other players again.

On top of that, Green had another incident with Blake Griffin which resulted in Green receiving his 1oth technical foul of the season. But, what bothered me the most was the comment Green to Paul Pierce:

“Chasing that farewell tour. They don’t love you like that…You thought you was Kobe?”

Fuck Draymond Green. Every game, it’s something new with this asshole, whether it’s kicking players or mouthing off (in improper English nonetheless). But, lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. This morning, Pierce took the fight to twitter:

If you’re gonna swing at the truth, you best not miss. Pierce has literally been stabbed in the face, neck, and back in his life; Draymond’s comment doesn’t even phase Pierce. I thought my love for Paul Pierce was already unconditional, but it grew even more after reading this tweet because of my unconditional hate for Draymond and the Warriors.

All in all, Pierce only speaks the TRUTH and Draymond is a punk ass bitch.

















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