Vegas Expansion and the Cycle of Greed in Pro Sports

Brian Garland (@Garland_SP) With the official announcement of the Raiders' move to a stadium southwest of Las Vegas this past week, the City of Sin will support two professional sports teams after previously supporting none. So what is this? Are the owners aware that Las Vegas has the least permanent residents of any "major" metropolitan... Continue Reading →


The Patriots Best, but Lowest Draft Picks

It has always amazed me what the Patriots have been able to accomplish in this league with the players they have. The Patriots have consistently beat teams with players who weren't considered top draft prospects. Belichick has always had an eye for talent when he sees it. I mean, he drafted the best quarterback of... Continue Reading →

Drew PomPom to the DL

Drew Pomeranz, Boston Red Sox LHP, placed on DL but still could make first start vs. Tigers | image by Here we go again.... Drew Pomeranz was placed on the 10 day DL yesterday with a 'strained flexor tendon.' Now, I know a lot of analysts have said it could be just a roster... Continue Reading →

Westbrook or Harden?

In the NBA, something that is debated almost every year is the Most Valuable Player award. This year it is between Russell Westbrook and James Harden. People like to throw in Kawhi Leonard and LeBron. But fuck LeBron, he is a pussy and the Spurs perform at a high level without Kawhi Leonard.   This... Continue Reading →

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