People Are Worried Christian McCaffery Only Bench Pressed 10 Reps At The Combine



The bench press has long been argued as nothing but a junk swinging contest for dudes to show who can put up the biggest number. The ability to use isolated muscles to push up a bar is┬átotally irrelevant in a lot of sports. Football is a bit different fro some positions i guess, there are times that linemen and running backs may need to showcase that ability in games, but there are plenty of other factors that are at play. I digress, Im trying to figure out why there are people even worried about the fact that arguably the most explosive player in college football can’t put up more than 10 reps. This dude is a stud with the ball in his hands.



This dude should have won the Heisman in my opinion, but it is what it is. He’s a beast. His All Purpose yards are insane, and he averages 6.3 yards per carry. I know the college level and pro level are two completely different games, but i think its worth noting that the kid is exciting to watch,and his numbers speak for themselves.

I will add that the lower his combine statistics are, the more Bill Belichick salivates. BB is all about the overall athleticism and using that athleticism to fill a roll. McCaffrey wouldn’t make a bad wide out on the Pats. I don’t expect the Pats to draft him given their history of first round picks being defensive guys, but its something to look for and get excited about entering the draft given where he could fall to, and where the Pats pick. If you’re a fan of any other team, be happy the Patriots take defensive guys first… it means CM will still be around.





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