The NFL wants to Ban jumping over the line on Field Goals because its “Dangerous”



The Patriots do something to take advantage of a sleeping professional football team, and the NFL needs to ban it. Seems like the trend of the modern NFL. Whether it’s the WR passes, or jumping over a lineman to block a kick. One way or another, if the patriots catch another team sleeping, assume there will be a rule change in the coming offseason. I would love to know where the NFL gets off claiming that the play is “dangerous”. We are talking about a league that has covered up concussion issues and risked the lives of hundreds if not thousands of players, but will make sure rule changes are made to hinder the patriots in dominating the league. The NFLPA is the group that proposed the rule change, which makes you think if they’re totally brain dead over there too. I don’t know what will come of this, all i know is that if this proposed rule becomes something thats implemented, it all but proves that the NFL still hates the patriots even though they had their blatant distaste thrown back in their face this season.





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