No Surgery for David Price

THANK GOD.  This could have been really bad and it would’ve put a real damper on our quest to get back to the playoffs.  This is the best news I’ve heard all day.  Its great to see David Price break the Dr. James Andrews streak of season ending injuries. This curse applied to any injury whether its Tommy John surgery, bone fragment surgery, or PRP injection. Price only having 7-10 days of rest is the best case scenario.  I felt like Albert Einstein trying to figure out what David Price meant by this:

Had me going in circles until I saw this:

It has been a whirlwind of emotions since I heard he was meeting with Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion but it was mostly sadness.

I was trying to reason with myself why it wouldn’t be the end of the world that we would be without Price.  The only problem we now have with him in the rotation is too many starters which is that furthest thing from a problem.  In case we have a situation like Cleveland did last year losing 2 of their four top starters for the playoffs.  You need everyone you can get, especially someone who is a Cy Young winner.

One positive of this whole mess is it makes Farrell’s job on opening day a hell of a lot easier.  Most of the off season talk for the Red Sox has been about acquiring Chris Sale and which pitcher will get the ball on opening day.  Price needed the confidence boost of being day 1 starter, but it is hard to not give the ball to Rick Porcello on opening day.  It only makes sense to support the guy who is the reigning Cy Young winner.  Farrell doesn’t even have to make that decision on opening day.  World Series back on.


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