Myles Garrett, the Pure Athlete of this Years Draft


Lets put aside his dominance all year at Texas A&M and look at his combine.

First things first, it is irrelevant to compare height and weight against players who do not play his position or even his side of the ball. For the 10-yard split against Devonta Freeman there is a 66 pound difference and Garrett did the 10-yard split .03 seconds faster as a defensive end not a running back.  For the 40-yard dash Garrett is 67 pound heavier than Jarvis Landry and he is shaving .12 seconds on the clock against a wide receiver.  Truly remarkable, every year we see a guy that is a freak athlete and would kill to have him on our team.

In years pasts we have seen many players like this, one of my favorites being Jadeveon Clowney.  Garrett has great physical build like Clowney and this year we got a chance to see Clowney because of injuries.  Another guy like that is Von Miller, who is another guy that plays the game on a different difficulty setting, especially during Super Bowl 50.  Too much pure athleticism that the opposition is not quite sure how to handle it.

Both guys being taken in the first two picks of their respective drafts, both of which had many great players.  2011 draft for Miller, only being drafted behind Cam Newton, with great players like A.J. Green and Julio Jones.  2014 draft for Clowney, being drafted first, with great players like Blake Bortles and Odell Beckham Jr.

This draft has no lack of great players going into the draft, let alone his position with Jonathan Allen, but no one compares physically to Garrett.  With guys like Jonathan Allen and Leonard Fournette going into the draft with great physical stature but Garrett is steps the rest.


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