NFL Free Agency is Out of Control

This is absolutely out of control, a career backup should never get a contract like that I don’t care how good they could be.  If they were really that good they would not be a back up quarterback they would be the starter.  Let’s not forget about what happened with the Houston Texans and Brock Osweiler and how much of a bust that has been so far and he actually had started games in Denver and did well in their system.  Just because you are good or even can just thrive in one city or one scheme does not guarantee you can do it in another.

Looking at Brock Osweiler his completion percentage dropped 2.8 percent and his QBR dropped 4.6 points since going to Houston.  But looking at total production the two years before going Houston, in Osweiler’s 8 games, 7 starts, he  threw 285 passes.  Glennon has only played in 2 games, with no starts, and only threw 11 passes, and you want to give this guy 15 million dollars?  He did not play the entire 2015 season and only appeared in two game last season.  Just ridiculous.

Why would a guy of this stature get money like that?  He is easy to obtain, no need to trade anything for him.  The other option, would to be to trade for a quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo who would cost you a first round pick and you would have to pay him the following season regardless.

Lets look at the price tag that Glennon is asking compared to guys who get that pay check.  Glennon is saying he is better in terms of compensation than Blake Bortles, Marcus Mariota and even the guy he was backing up when he was in Tampa Bay who all make less than $15 million annually.

Now I do not blame Glennon for this high demand with a light free agency, it is more that he can obtain this because of a perpetual quarterback market.  Like aforementioned with Brock Osweiler and with Jay Cutler when he went to the Bears, who was good in Denver and went to the Bears and could never be consistent.  Which just further proves that it does not matter how good a player is in one system it does not guarantee they will be good in your teams system, so there is no need to tie all that money up in a hope and a prayer.


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