Tim Tebow Is Truly Amazing Dude, and He Doesn’t Get Enough Credit For That

Tim Tebow is an amazing dude. Every time I hear something about how he wasn’t good enough in the NFL to be relevant, or he isn’t professional baseball material, I cringe. Come one, seriously? You’re that bothered by his athletic abilities or lack there of? So bothered that you can’t see how insanely awesome the guy is.








Tim is an athlete, but far more than that, he is a good guy. Realistically speaking he is probably the nicest athlete on the planet. I know that you guys will all start saying “how can you make a judgement on him being the nicest person”, and to that, I say screw off. We are talking about the guy that hosted 75,000 special needs children for a prom night so they could all have a great time. Really? How awesome is that. The guy does countless amounts of charity work on top of being a pretty great athlete. Ill keep this short, thats the gist of it. Tebow is tremendous guy, and that needs to get way more press than him playing against the Red Sox this week.





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