Free Agency Kicks Off Today

Oh boy, into the fire of Free Agency we go.  The Patriots are not using ones to make headlines on March 9th, but I wake up and get notifications like:

This is huge but I have many initial mixed emotions about this signing.  It is great to sign a guy of Gilmore’s stature because he is quite the lock down corner-back.  This news also does not bode well with the future of Malcolm Butler with the New England Patriots.  Malcolm Butler will also not be very happy playing along side a guy of his stature and being paid $10 million less.

Then come these trade rumors:

Now the Bill Belichick is really playing with my emotions here, I would not be very happy to let a Super Bowl hero leave.  If you trade Malcolm Butler you are giving up the probability of having the best secondary in the NFL next year, replacing Logan Ryan with Stephon Gilmore and the rumblings of a Duron Harmon resigning.

All of this would make the secondary better than the one we had two years ago with Revis and Browner.  But that is not looking likely with the possibility of trading Butler for a star receiver.

Continuing the building blocks of our defense:

This is great news, a big key to our front 4 all season and a big lockup for the next 2 season.

Also around the league:

A lot of moves out of day one, as was expected.  It has been an exciting day to follow, though a difficult one to follow with the moves and changes in story lines and the anticipated ones.  Like with the Brandin Cooks story line that I, like many Patriots fans, are anxiously waiting for.

The Big surprise of the day:

WOW! I do not think anyone saw this coming, having the first overall pick why would a team trade for a failing quarterback?  It seems as it is simply acquiring the draft pick for Cleveland and a salary dump for Houston.

This would be another huge surprise from Browns camp but acquiring $10 million is salary does not hurt too much when you have over $100 million in space and get a decent second round pick for this year with a swap of compensatory draft picks.

Quite the eventful day, still much more to come in the coming weeks.


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  1. This is actually genius for the GOAT of all coaches. Butler and the Pats have had well over a year to hammer out a long term deal but have been unable to do so. So….you tender him an offer which now protects the Pats via a 1st round pick this year and allows the Pats time to deal him for Brandon Books. The Pats and Butler are not on the same page in terms to a long term contract etc. so trading him before he’s an unrestricted free agent after 2017 gives you maximum value. Plus here’s the biggest part. BB still has multiple years left on his contract with the Saints and would be a very friendly deal in terms to the cap. Just my 2 cents…

    Smokey aka Scotch’s coach and BigReds daddy O

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