Patriots Free Agency

This postseason has been one for the ages, truly exciting to watch from a Patriots fan point of view.  But, it has not been all positives this year.

Though there has been many positives:

Wow! what a list of accomplishments thus far.  This list also does not include the signing of DT Lawrence Guy which was another great signing.  Replacing Logan Ryan with Stephon Gilmore, a significant increase in value of the position.  Replacing Martellus Bennett with Dwayne Allen, a virtual wash.  Along with resigning of Duron Harmon, with stabilizing our secondary with a key part of our championship team and the addition of a the deep threat Brandin Cooks.

Even with all that we have accomplished there is so much to be done.  Mainly with Hightower, our biggest priority, and Malcolm Butler.  Hightower is one of the most vital pieces to our defense and would be a very big hole to fill.  Also Butler, though we have put a first round tender on him it is important that we stop messing around with giving him a long term deal because he has certainly earned it.

To come, it is important that we give the deals to Butler and Hightower, them being key pieces to our defense.  Another exciting outcome yet to be determined is if they will deal Garoppolo?  With much more to come with free agency is will be fun to watch the rest of free agency unfold and the draft because the Patriots



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