You’re Dumb For Giving LeVar Ball Any Attention At All


This guy is the worst. Totally insufferably. Parents think their kids are gods, who cares, I certainly don’t care what someone else thinks. But this guy is taking it a step/enormous leap farther than just boasting about his offspring. Have you ever heard the whole “Don’t feed the seagulls or they’ll keep coming back for more”? This is a prime example of feeding a squawking animal with a tiny brain who will continue to nag for more and more attention than he’s being given. If you give a mouse a cookie kind of thing.

This guy was in high school and was like, “You know what… forget about doing well in life, I’m going to make sure I raise NBA players… god give me NBA kids or give me death”. Ever since, Ball has been doing his thing. Gagging every person at the middle school basketball games with his goals for his sons. Seeing all the posts about how stupid the guy is or how you think this and that, and honestly I agree totally… but its come to the point where it needs to stop.

I mean we are talking about the guy who said he would take MJ in a 1 on 1 in his prime. I don’t even think Ball thinks that is true, but it got him that national attention he so desperately wanted in high school. Saying his kids are going to take nothing less than 1 billion dollars for a shoe deal? This guy sounds like Dr. Evil when he is trying to spitball a number for the ransom of the world. He’s a total clown. I want to say to just let him slip off the face of the earth, but its hard when the dude manages to find an even more stupid comment than his previous one.





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