Dont’a Hightower Returns to Patriots

I can finally sleep at night now.

With no disrespect to any other player in the free agency market or any player that the Patriots organization acquired this off season, Hightower was the most important.  Other teams may not value his position like the Patriots do, he was the best available at what he does.  His important plays he made in his two Super Bowl appearances with a tackle on Marshawn Lynch and a strip sack on Matt Ryan.  He was a vital piece to our team and what we need to make our defense as good as it was last year.

The depth we have on defense now is extraordinary.  We have Ealy, Branch, Valentine, Brown, Guy, Flowers, McClellin, Roberts, Van Noy, Ninko, Gilmore, Rowe, Butler, Chung, Harmon and DMac.  The most important thing to remind ourselves about all those names is that only 11 can play at once.  The crazy part of all those names is a football fan would recognize more than 11 of those names not only a patriots fan.

This signing bookends the majority of the Patriots free agency but Bill always has something up his sleeve.  So we will be looking for that as well as what is going on with Malcolm Butler.  It will be an exciting time prior to the draft to see what will happen, as always in Bill we trust.


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