The Butler Saga


No one has any clue what the hell is going on, including Butler.  This fiasco is evolving ever so rapidly and I wish I could have any sort of clue what is going on like many fans think they have with Hightower.  However in terms of Butler it has been a total dumpster fire.

But in this situation the majority of blame is on his agent.  His agent had one of his first contracts with Butler and it is truly showing.  Their biggest issue is they do not know what they really want.  They went into the off season willing to stay in New England happily at $10 million per year.  Then the GIlmore deal happens and then its we need a match and they are looking for teams.

All of this makes you think, is Butler as good as we think he is?  Honestly, we are still making a hero out of him for what he did in the Super Bowl two years ago.  The honest truth that Patriots fans do not want to admit: Stephon Gilmore is a better CB than Butler is.  Butler has required safety help since his days have started in New England and there are many CBs could be a top ten corner with Devin McCourty lurking above.

Don’t get me wrong I, like any rational football fan, would love to have Butler and Gilmore lining up together, two top 10 corners in the league.  But, I guess, the biggest decision the team needs to make is who to pay, Hightower or Butler? Anyone would agree that Hightower has more value at the position than Butler when you have Gilmore lurking in the shadows.


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