The First Weekend of March Madness is too Much to handle

March Madness is here and it is the best few weeks of the year for watching the games, and those who chose to gamble on them.  And boy has it been a great first weekend, but for me, it is nearly overwhelming.

Barring any overtime there are 1,920 minutes played which is 32 hours of basketball in four days.  That is truly overwhelming even to the avid sports watcher.  Eight hours per day is a great time don’t get me wrong but as the tournament progress i really love when you do not have to swap between games because there are too many on and it is on TV for 12 hours.

In the end it comes down to the fact that there are too many teams in the tournament is too big.  There is no need for there to be 64 teams (68 if first four is included) to be in the tournament.

Reasons why would include a 16 seed never winning a game in the tournament, as well as the fact that this year there was only one team that was a nine-seed or higher to advance past the first weekend.  The later rounds are more exciting basketball to watch, but you have to get through the first weekend.

But the real problem with March Madness is the TV timeouts that feel never ending, completely destroys any momentum.  I get it, you need to make money to cover the cost to air the tournament.  But it is unbearable every four minutes there is a five minute break, the dragging of the games.  In the end there isn’t a need for all these teams and there needs to be less commercials, or atleast change it up from the Dan Finnerty AT&T commercials.


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