does this look like the face of a coach who put his dick in a hotdog bun to show his players?

IMG_4868Jim Sharkey, coach, mentor, total weirdo.

Honesty this isn’t even the most shocking thing to come out of a highschool football locker room. I guess this is sort of highschool football in a nutshell from the perspective of guys who didn’t play highschool football. So this guy was in the middle of grilling food for his players after preseason camp, ¬†and said the following (no I’m not kidding this actually happened); “You think that is a big dog – take a look at this.”

Yea I laughed at first too then it hit me again that his dude is a total pedophile. Totally something out of dodgeball that White Goodman would do to pup his team up right before clamping his nipples for thinking about fattening hot dogs.

This has to be the least shocking thing to come to light about highschool football to be honest, I think it’s just shocking that the coach participated in the odd sexual shit that’s usually done by the seniors on the team. I hope this dude gets castrated, for real, don’t misread into what I’m saying. I just think the whole act of this thing going down is definitely something that HS football players would do to one another and find it perfectly fine.







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