Sorry Marcus Stroman

Last night, the United States routed Puerto Rico in a 8-0 shutout in the championship game of the World Baseball Classic (WBC). This was the United State’s first WBC title and it is one that many will not forget…especially me. For those who did not watch the game, the electric USA offense was not in the spotlight of the game. Rather, it was USA’s starting pitcher, Marcus Stroman, who had a no-hit bid until the 7th inning. The first rule of no-hitters is to NEVER MENTION IT. I was shell-shocked that this is not common knowledge for baseball fans. During the game, MLB network continuously told viewers of the no-hit bid and the network even capped it off with a banner along the screen saying “No Hit Alert.” Marcus Stroman and his no-hit bid was jinxed from the get-go thanks to MLB network. However, I added insult to injury by mentioning the unspeakable no-hitter during the game. While enjoying my country beat a territory of my country, I texted @joescotch the details of the game. I really should listen to my own advice next time I watch a game with no-hit implications. Take a look at the chaos unfolding via text:

Baseball is hands-down my favorite sport and has been a big part of my life so far. Today, I feel like an outcast to the game that I’ve known my whole life. I am the type of baseball fan that I hate the most and it hurts just typing that. I am definitely ashamed of myself for jinxing Stroman’s no-hitter BUT I think MLB Network should be blamed first. So, I am sorry Marcus Stroman for ruining a career night. However, I am not afraid to do that again to him if he happens to be facing the Red Sox.

ALSO, if you share the same passion for baseball as me, then you have to add this to your wardrobe. Trust me when I say this, Wild Thing always delivers the heat, both on the field and on a t-shirt.



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