I Hate Drew Pomeranz

The Red Sox have a top rotation in the league but I am tired of hearing all the negative story lines about Drew Pomeranz.

Most recently, today:

Boy I do not want to see this today, granted we all knew it would be a tough day for the struggling Pomeranz with Tulo, Bautista and Donaldson.  But this is not a rare occurrence for him to have a bad outing, he did recover but he recovered as soon and backups entered the game.

To add to the list of things that bother me about Pomeranz:

To make this worse this occurred on the same day that Pomeranz had left a game with “elbow soreness”.  There has not been much to go right with Drew, the best thing he has done for the Red Sox is had two quality bullpen appearances in the playoffs but we all know had that ended.

To make matters worse during last year Dave Dombrowski had the opportunity to reverse the trade with San Diego and get Anderson Espinoza back and that was rejected by Dombrowski.  I was completely distraught at the time and even more now with the nineteen year old throwing 98 MPH.

But this is the life we are living with Pomeranz, it is a reminiscent relationship that we had with Clay Buchholz so I hope it will have a higher love to hate ratio than we did with Clay.


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