LaVar Ball is the cancer that we created

I saw this and I am not big on watching ESPN at 11:00 AM on a Monday but I missed the first one and watched videos and couldn’t miss it this time.  And boy did it not disappoint, LaVar is a complete idiot, don’t get me wrong I love to see a father that has faith in their son and their abilities but it is getting very out of hand.

Some of the the comparisons he has made:

Magic Johnson with a jump shot

Steph Curry, but better

Those were the two prominent comparisons he made today and it was outrageous. Lonzo, who couldn’t bring his team past the sweet 16, is a great player but his dad is over the top with the comparisons.  But saying he is better than Magic Johnson and the unanimous MVP Steph Curry is beyond out of left field.  Today LaVar said “If you switch my son and Steph Curry the Bruins would not have gotten to where they did and the Warriors would have more wins”. That is a new level of crazy.

But we created this.  We saw a guy hyping up his son and said “hey look at this guy!”  That was our first mistake because we dragged ourselves in and everything he says get more outlandish because he gets more attention every time.  LaVar Ball is a cancer and will not go away unless we don’t give him media attention and with ESPN around that will never be the case.


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