Celtics Control Their Own Destiny


Wow, who would have thought at the beginning of the season that the Celtics would be in first place in the eastern conference heading into the final games.  With Cleveland’s brutal loss to the Spurs yesterday, the Celtics now control their own destiny.  The Celtics being up by 0.5 games to Cleveland isn’t enough to hand them first place, but based off both team’s schedules, I feel confident in the Celtics.  Here are the remaining games for both the Celtics and the Cavaliers:

Cavs                                                       Celtics             

Bulls                                                        Bucks

76ers                                                       Magic

Pacers                                                     Knicks

Magic                                                      Cavs

Celtics                                                     Hawks

Hawks                                                    Hornets

Hawks                                                    Nets

Heat                                                        Bucks


These games are in order from first to last.

As you can see the Celtics schedule is pretty easy and they should at least go 6-2 which I believe will keep them in first place.  The Cavs on the other hand have a rough schedule.  They have Celtics, Heat and Raptors which don’t look like pleasurable matchups.

Now for the Celtics playoff situation, regardless of where they land, I do not want them playing the Miami Heat.  The Heat scare me and I believe the Celtics will beat any other team that gets the 7 or 8 seed, but if they play the Heat I see trouble.  If the Celtics get pass the first round, then I think they are making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Assuming it’s the Cavs, I think as long as the Celtics stay healthy, they have a chance of beating the Cavs in the ECF and go to the championship.  As for the championship, I don’t want to look that far, but I’d rather not play the Spurs.  In my opinion if the Celtics don’t make the ECF I think of this season as a failure.  The Celtics have a hold on the division as of now, but we need to see how it pans out over the next couple weeks.


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