Why i dont give 3 rats asses and a F^#K about the 70 pts.

To be 100% honest.. I congratulate Devin Booker he scored 70 points in a game, not only in a game .. But a NBA Basketball game.. honestly those periods were for the moments i used to clap. Anyways i congratulate you D-Book but i will say i can score 70 points also in a game where the defensive team played ZERO F*CKing defense, and any defense that was played sent me to the line so i can get free buckets. Yes i said it I can play in a NBA game where I can SCORE 70 points in a 44 minute game all i have to do is get to the line like Books did it. Now you say “oh its a part of the game give the man credit where are you in the basketball ways.” – well yes this is true he did make it, yes i can barely dribble with my off hand-But i can shoot free throws and my nasty euro step can get to the line. listen i’m not Lavarr ball claiming i’m the best no not at all or that i can play in the association no! i’m just saying 26 Ft attempts 26 free points. 4 (3’s) of 11 shots made. That is not impressive especially on a defense that was lackadaisical at best. Kobe scored 81 less than 15 years ago on 60% shooting, 7/13 3pts, and only 20 FTs which he only made 18. on a defense that had to be centered on him he scored over 40 multiple times and 66 a few weeks before. oh btw 41 minutes.

Or how about David Robinson  44 mins 63% fg , 1/2 3pts, and only 18 made Fts out of 25. 71 points. on a team ready for the playoffs? Moral of this story is stop giving the kid credit for one game multiple cats have done it and one has done it more than once before a 3 point line. *cough* Wilt. All i’m saying is the whole team knew they were going to lose and pretty much fueled the points. At least when Kobe had 81 he was coming back to win. and his last game lets not. This is coming from a diehard Boston fan. I want to see this kid progress to a player never before seen just because of the hype he is getting for the 70 point game. IN NBA BASKETBALL. I’m just tired of the hype please hes a great player i admire what hes done with what hes got and his skill set. But he did not do this on his own unlike the other greats. the objective of the game midway 2nd period was get Book the ball. Not even to win the game, so please leave that shit at the doorstep buck.




Nic Estrella


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