4 Words for Colin Kaepernick

There has been a lot of speculation about why Colin Kaepernick has failed to receive any offers from NFL teams. As many can remember the stupid, ignorant asshole refused to stand for the national anthem during most of the past season. Many people believe this is the reason why he hasn’t received any offers.


With a lot of my current friends and even some family members currently in our military, it ceases to amaze me that people like Colin refuse to stand for our nation’s colors. I do not like nor respect Kaepernick in anyway but that’s not why I think he hasn’t got a single offer.


Has it ever occurred to you that you fucking suck at throwing the pigskin? Maybe back in 2012 when you led your team to the Super Bowl and weren’t such a coward. A team isn’t going to bring on a guy to be the backup Quarterback that causes so many off the field distractions.


Now I respect Colin for the things he has done for Somalia and other troubling communities and he has told numerous reporters that he would stand for the anthem this year (if he’s given a chance). But why weren’t you doing this crap before? Why all of a sudden do you feel the need to make a difference now? Because he is desperately trying to keep his career alive.


I think Kaepernick should pick up a bat and try and play baseball because his football career is all but over. But for now I got four words for you Colin and all your supporters: SHUT THE FUCK UP!


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