Boston Greatest Traitors.

Like the title previews this wont be a likable read. In fact you might punch your computer in disgust as a response to some of the memories this title will remind you of. From the Benedict Arnold’s of Boston we will get into the discussion of if a couple of names that will be brought up here should be EXILED from all Boston team and civic celebrations no matter what their contribution was. But also if we could ever forgive them? Listen i made up my mind even before i wrote all of this. I could wait to the end to let you know but ill say it now every last one of these players… F*#K them! YOU left us you left Boston. You left the greatest fan base in America if not the damn Earth.  So in Short F you. But this is also why im not Mayor , President, or have any power in this world.


The First of the Convicted to stand trial is Wade Boggs #26 3B Boston Red Sox (1982-1992)

Good Ol’ Friggin’ Wade Anthony Boggs. Once a mainstay in front of the visitors dugout Wade had a great Red Sox Career winning 5 Al Batting Titles, 5 Silver Sluggers, With 12 Overall All star appearances. No one would ever think that with all that hardware, SEVEN CONSECUTIVE seasons with 200 or more hits. (which was passed by Ichiro) and all the love in the world from the Sox faithful- oh did i even mention we DRAFTED HIM-  and a world series appearance he would Sign with the Evil F*cking Empire.. Not only that but for a less favorable contract with a 3rd year. WAIT theirs more! He also become a more complete player over in the Bronx winning 2 Gold Gloves while also Achieving 3 straight all-star appearances and 4 straight 300 plus avg seasons. With the kicker being he won a world series in 1996. I truly  honestly wish the Red Sox did not retire his number its a slap to the fans face.We are bred to hate the Dirtbags, its like telling me to like a little part of them when we open up our hands to Mr. Boggs , yes i know he has done a lot for us and for us FIRST, during his time here but you must know going to the arch-enemy is a shameful act no matter the circumstance especially if you were bred by the original – i do not care if its suppose to be all fun in games in the moral of sports, because we humans are also the ones to make sports something extremely serious with Front page headlines, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, million dollar contracts, and Sponsorships its more than a sport then and now Its sophisticated civic warfare that could at times turn international depending on the schedule. So Therefore when You say hate them so by god i will hate everything about those Bastards! No matter if the fans or team never ever did anything to me. They are hated. New York You are hated.

Verdict: EXILE AND UN-RETIRE # 26 Boggy boy you are a level 7/10 on the traitor scale.




benedict-arnold-4Ray Allen SG Boston Celtics 2007-2012

2008 NBA champion, 4x All-Star with the Celtics.

This guy. I Almost feel as mad as KG every time i think about him. I mean honest Sh*t i get so mad thinking about Allen that i almost did not include him and added Ellsbury instead. (For the record Ellsbury turned to ass when he left us so i truly don’t care he got what he deserved, even though he did win 2 series with us and was instrumental for us during that run. )

I Also do not blame Rondo for not including him, actually i think it’s a great idea why include a guy who left your Brotherhood without telling no one to the ENEMY you were at War with for multiple postseason. Like seriously i know we blew the core up a season after but it makes you think.. was Rondos decision in part of why Ainge blew that core up so badly? At the end of the day it worked for us in the long run and we see the benefits reaping this season. But that’s besides the point Ray Allen is guilty and guilty as charged he doesn’t even speak to the 2 of the big 3 anymore. KG forgot he is alive and well Paul is being the Truth when he says it was  a slap in the face. Yes Allen had a great Celtics career but let’s be honest.. lets be serious he left to Miami for less money a few months after Boston lost to Miami in the conference semi finals. HE PULLED A KD 4 YEARS BEFORE KD PULLED A KD.

B E N E D I C T        A R N O L D – personally  i would stone him to death like in the medieval ages but once again (why i don’t have power) sorry this just went south so quick . (Haha no pun intended.) So the verdict you say?

Doc, Dealing Danny, I’m sorry but I do not agree with you guys, Exile Allen he does not deserve our love. He does not deserve to enjoy a 10 year reunion. You left us for the enemy the rivals… SHAME ON YOU!

EXILED FOR LIFE. 9/10 traitor scale



Now comes the hardest (for me) and last trail. The Exile case versus Johnny Damon. The Devils himself.


STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS  , RED SOX NATION, THE REGION OF NEW ENGLAND V.S. JOHNNY DAVID DAMON. – OF Boston Red Sox (2002-2005) 2 all-stars, 1 world series champs.

If Johnny Damon had a past life I’m pretty F*cking sure he was the man who snitched on Jesus. Yes i firmly believe Johnny Damon was Judas in his past life. Professing love, and loyalty.. yeah we seen it before well actually read it, and sounds like the same actions Damon did except 2.000 years before when they did not have baseball. Now i’m a firm believer in second chances. but what Johnny did more so than what Ray did actually tore me to pieces broke my heart and probably have a part of why i do not trust people at all. This man literally Lied to the public in the face. Not only lie… but did what he absolutely said he would not do. Go to the freaking Dirtbags. Not only that he had a chance to come back when Boston picked him from waivers when he was in Detriot and guess what? HE DECLINED IT. Hearts broken and tears running i truly was hurt not once but TWICE by this man, and to cap it all off he had a way better career in the shitty pinstripes then he did in a Sox uniform.

This Trial Cannot continue because I know for one if you all keep letting me type i might go to jail for the verbal abuse that wants to come from my mind to my finger tips. Johnny just know i do want to punch you in the freaking face if i ever see you.. and i will.



To harsh? well heres something ill show you.


(Picture curtesouy of Bleacher report.)

(Judas Curtesouy of mel gibsons passion of the christ.)


Folks, There you have it. My list of the biggest traitors in Boston Sports history.. now if you agree, disagree or just have hate mail send it to ill be waiting.!

oh by the way. just a closing thought. WHY THE F*CK MOST OF THE TRAITORS ARE RED SOX THAT LEAVE TO THE DIRTBAGS????!!!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!!



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