7 More Years of Tom Brady!

At the NFL’s annual meeting on Monday, Robert Kraft dropped a bomb regarding to Tom Brady’s future in the NFL. I use the term “bomb” loosely in regards to this. By “bomb,” I mean that the rest of the NFL is going to have to deal with the Brady’s offensive explosions for years to come. On Monday, Kraft mentioned a conversation he had with Brady. In their talks, Brady told Kraft that he could play another 6 to 7 years in the NFL. The rest of the NFL should be worried for 6 to 7 more years. Roger Goodell is never going to sleep at night until Brady retires. With that said, it is safe to assume that Goodell will resign before Brady retires? Goodell has faced a lot of scrutiny in his recent years due to how he handled cases, such as Deflategate or the Ray Rice incident, as well as brain damaged caused by football. He might not say it outright, but Goodell despises the Patriots as a whole. Everyone can see it, its obvious. Could Roger Goodell handle 6 to 7 more years of Tom Brady and the Pats tearing apart this league limb by limb? I really don’t think so. If all is said and done and Brady plays 6-7 more years, he could easily win 7-8 super bowls. On top of all of this, I truly believe that the Pats are going to have an undefeated season especially if they can keep Butler or add Revis. I cannot imagine that Goodell is happy or even okay with the Pat’s next few years. Add in another few scandals in the NFL handled poorly by him and he will retire. Well, that’s if we don’t have to impeach him first.



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