My Take on the Final Four

Final Four Takes:

As March Madness comes to a close and only four teams remain we all look back on our brackets and feel like complete idiots. Whether it is for that absurd upset that our gut was telling us to pick or it may have been the sleeper team that you had penciled in to your Elite Eight, but second guessed yourself and changed your mind at last minute and had them losing in the first round just to see them go all the way to the Final Four (I’m talking about you South Carolina).  Either way we all look back in disgust. For me, I can’t even look back at my bracket because after South Carolina pulled that upset off on Duke (who was my pick to win) it went on a one way trip through the paper shredder. Now if you are that type of person who is out here claiming you got the Final Four right then you are either one of two things. First would be, you are a liar. You waited until the Final Four was set, printed out a blank bracket and filled it in with all the correct teams. But even you were smart enough to get a few Round of 64 games wrong and maybe a couple Round of 32 to make it seem a tiny bit more believable. If you are not that type of person that you are likely a middle aged woman whose husband threw a bracket in your face and you picked the final teams for the following reasons. Oregon because you love the little duck dressed up as a sailor who runs around the court at their games. UNC because you enjoy the nice looking grandfather who coaches them. Gonzaga because they were the 1 seed in their division and there was no one interesting from the West. And South Carolina because you thought the name the Gamecocks was a riot. Okay I’m done ranting now. Here are my complete non-expert picks for the rest of March Madness:


UNC vs. Oregon

Winner: UNC

I feel like UNC got their close call out of the way when they barely snuck by Kentucky thanks to that miracle shot by the walk-on Sophomore. Oregon will keep this game reasonably close before UNC pulls away and stretches this to a double digit game and punch their ticket to the Big Dance where hopefully their luck will change from last year.


Gonzaga vs. South Carolina

Winner: South Carolina

I love myself a Cinderella story and this one is almost as good as the UConn’s men’s team in 2014. I will be the first to admit that I actually had them losing to Marquette in the first round. I deeply regret that decision because these guys are legitimately good. I feel they will keep their hot streak going and head to the finals where they will have a chance to complete a miracle season.


FINALS: UNC vs. South Carolina

Winner: UNC

As bad as I may want to I just can’t bring myself to picking the 7-seeded Gamecocks to win the whole tournament. They have had an amazing run but UNC is not about to lose back-to-back championships. Justin Jackson’s crew is going to go in and handily beat South Carolina and a year after the complete and utter shattering of their hearts, they will get their chance to cut down the nets.

Jack Luyrink



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