Cleveland Browns Shouldn’t Draft Myles Garrett

At the combine we saw Myles Garrett prove that he is not human, being the top performer at many of the exercises.  I previously wrote about why Myles is the best player in the draft here.

Today he had his pro day at Texas A&M and somehow he got better in the 40 yard dash to 4.61 (unofficial).  Truly unbelievable to see a man who is 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 272 pounds run that fast at you.  At the combine Myles ran faster than the top three QB prospects in the draft, scary.  As well as nearly matching his 10 foot 8 inch long jump at 10 feet 6 inches today at Texas A&M.

If you are Myles you do not want to hear your name called first, signaling a move to Cleveland.  You may be the best player in the draft but that is one place you do not want to end up.  With Cleveland’s track record they may even end up messing this one up too and drafting otherwise.  I am a firm believer in you have to draft your needs when it comes to draft day, but when you have the number one pick and Myles Garrett is on the board you can’t pass him up.

Cleveland should not take Garrett, yes they do need that position but they also need every other position.  An athlete like that helps your team but, a DE will not turn around your franchise after an one win season.  I do not know who they will draft, but if they were smart they would draft a position player that makes a bigger difference on the field and in the win column.

Myles Garrett is indeed the best player in the draft, but he may not be the most valuable.


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