Colin Kaepernick may never play in the NFL again, and I love it

As hours turn into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months it’s beginning look like Colin Kaepernick will not be playing in the NFL in 2017 and maybe never again that. And I f***ing love it. There seems to be a speculation around the league that NFL owners have “shunned” Kaepernick because of his protests during the national anthem. Now if you have been living under a rock for the past year and a half, Kaepernick had this bright idea that he would kneel during the national anthem. Now his absolute genius idea has screwed him. I mean the dude has got about zero interest in free agency (I guess the part that he sucks at football doesn’t exactly help his case either). The recent thing is that he is asking for 9-10 million annually. I mean what a joke. What an absolute brainless clown this dude is. Seriously, I may be the happiest person on the planet if he doesn’t get to play football ever again. I hope the local gas station in the town he’s hiding out in right now doesn’t hire him. Again though it’s not just that he showed complete and utter disrespect to those who serve and continue to serve this country, it’s that he hasn’t proved to anyone that he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Many people around the league such as Chip Kelly and John Harbaugh feel that eventually Kaepernick will sign and deal and play this year but I really am praying that he doesn’t. And I can guarantee right now that whoever signs him will move right up to #2 on my list of most hated teams (sitting comfortably behind those damn Giants).


Jack Luyrink



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