Westbrook or Harden?

In the NBA, something that is debated almost every year is the Most Valuable Player award. This year it is between Russell Westbrook and James Harden. People like to throw in Kawhi Leonard and LeBron. But fuck LeBron, he is a pussy and the Spurs perform at a high level without Kawhi Leonard.


This year as everyone knows Russell Westbrook has simply dominated and is on track to average a triple-double and break the triple double record. With the loss of pussy-cat Kevin Durant, I believe this was much expected. Westbrook was going to dominate the ball and much of the Thunder’s offensive production.


James Harden has sort of gone under the radar as he made the move to the Point Guard position. He currently is second in scoring and first in assists. Also has had his share of triple-doubles with 20 and has failed to miss a single game (much more important than you may think). Unlike Westbrook, Harden’s team is currently one of the top teams in the NBA. And in my mind the Thunder have a much stronger supporting cast around Westbrook than the Rockets do surrounding Harden.

Jimmy Harden

That’s why in my opinion the MVP should go to The Beard. Many people have discussed the potential of Co-MVPs which wouldn’t be a terrible idea since they have both dominated the league this year like we have never seen before. So what do you think? Harden or Westbrook? Or both?

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