More Late Inning Magic for the Red Sox (Kinda)

It seems as if the Red Sox love nothing more than to piss us off by giving up leads in games and then reeling our love back in by pulling off a win late in games and tonight was no different versus the Cubs. Hanley Ramirez got the scoring started for both teams after a... Continue Reading →


Nothing but The Truth

Thank you, Paul Pierce. For everything. From all of New England, from every casual basketball follower, from every die hard Celtics fan, we thank you. The Los Angeles Clippers fell to the Utah Jazz, 104 -91, with the Jazz winning the series 4-3. And just like that, it's over. The final curtain call on Paul... Continue Reading →

On To Washington.

Yea MothaF***kasssssssss. That is honestly the first thing I can think to say, and honestly if you don't like it oh friggin' well. Because I'm ESTACTIC! And you all won't ruin this parade at all. This ¬†also wont be an article praising how the Celtics are a strong team for overcoming the difficulties. NO. This... Continue Reading →

The Next King

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the next thing in the NBA. It is truly a shame that he has the hardest name to pronounce and/or spell ever because it will be coming out of everyone's mouth for at least 15 years. When Lebron's done, either he or Karl Anthony Towns is the next heir to the throne.... Continue Reading →

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