If the Patriots sign Adrian Peterson…

Adam Schefter recently reported from sources (whatever the fuck that means) that Adrian Peterson has a visit scheduled with the Patriots on Monday. If he is serious about winning a championship and does not care about money, then he would be foolish to leave Foxboro without a deal tomorrow.

blg vikings bears37

I’m going to say it and I will probably say it a million times throughout the season. If the Patriots end up with Adrian Peterson, they will go 16-0 and win another championship.Think about it.


blg vikings bears37With retaining Butler and acquisition of Kony Ealy and Stephon Gilmore, we probably have the second best defense in the AFC behind the Broncos. Also adding Brandin Cooks to our already high powered offense will make us unstoppable as it is nevermind adding the best running back of our generation. And did anyone see Gronk at Wrestlemania? He’s ready to fucking play (or at least better be).


It is nearly impossible for the Patriots to struggle on offense with a premier running back. If defenses want to plan around Tommy, then we will simply hand it off to Big Dick Peterson. If they want to plan around our running attack, then we will scorch them through the air. I guess the only thing in question now, is will the offensive line stay healthy? And will they perform at a high level like last year? Time will tell but I think if Adrian makes the right choice, then the NFL should just hand over the Lombardi atopening night in September.

blg vikings bears37


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