Let The Association Be Men Again.

my man

Yes I have said it. Let the league be men again. Which league you ask? As I can go on and on about the NFL turning into million dollar wimps and waste my time- because it’s only going to be a matter of time before they decide to wear flags and play flag football. – No!. –Yes i believe CTE and concussions are horrible and we need to find the best way to minimize it if not eradicate it the best way, without it effecting quality of play, BUT that’s the nature of the beast we all knew what football takes when we started watching and or playing and well, they gotta live with their choices and decisions. but as i was saying The league in question is none other than our very own National basketball Association. The NBA. So long are the days of Bill Laimbeer walking into the garden of hostility (with a nice visit from Parish’s right fist.) so long are the days of skirmishes and weak fines. As I am not condoning  violence on the court. We can save that for the ice rink , I do believe in having your teammates back.. I do believe in if my  teammates get slapped you better believe I’m delivering a can of whoop ass or a good ol’ tech. THE GAME NEEDS THE ENFORCERS TO COMEBACK. Every sports needs enforcers this being because just about every sport is going to have a couple of players that like to cheap shot (draymond i see you boy.) or bend the rules in their favor. Not only that but fouls are called way to frequently, players just titty tap one another and whistle blows foul. Not only is this ridiculous but it makes the game sissy and extremely boring why is it in the NCAA a player can get knocked the hell over and there is no foul but in the Association if I’m guarding LeBron and just whisper in his ear that’s a damn foul.!!!? ok maybe not to that EXTREME but you get the drift from the titty taps and don’t get me started if you try to enforce a NBA game sh*t after the malice its 30 games suspensions. BUT WHY? Yes I know the players make millions but c’mon this is professional sports they know the risk and what they get themselves into. Remember when I said we humans turned it into sophisticated warfare? Well even sophisticated  people need a good dust-up once in a while. I understand and agree with the fines.. But the suspensions if anything are too harsh. 1 game max why not or maybe just suspend him for the rest of the season matchup with that opposing team? He was holding up for his teammate, why punish a guy so severely for punishing the original rule breaker, for protecting and honoring the values of the brotherhood a team lives by? And I’m not just advocating to have more dust ups or fights but it kinda would be nice to see a league full of men instead of p*ssies yeah I went there. (probably lost some sponsorships or job offers too!) All im saying is let’s make the Association Men again. Oh the violence that it will bring! well would you rather your kid see violence in this cruel and reality stricken violent ass world, at age lets see 6. Or would you rather them see those cheerleaders dancing like rated PG strippers?! THOMAS EDWARD CHRIST (i went there double yeah im never going to the Boston globe or Sports illustrated.) miss me with that bullshit. It’s a double standard. Stop the violent play but show a grown women dancing seductively in the middle of the court. Like I said just let the Men be Men again let them play! I’m tired of watching the WNBA then Realizing it’s the NBA in disgust. (im fired) LET OUR GUYS PLAY. Besides some NBA players are of need a little extra bump to the noggin’!


-Nastynino 4/4/17


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