Top 10 Greatest Boston Athletes of All-Time

Top 10 Greatest Boston Athletes of All-Time

This list is based off the influence they have had on the city, displaying what it means to play in Boston and obviously overall talent. I would love to hear your lists as well.


  1. Bob Cousy

Career Stats: 18.4 PPG 7.5 APG 5.2 RPG Cousy is hugely underappreciated, not only in the City of Boston but also in regards to NBA History. He was the first “great” point guard in the NBA and won 6 NBA Championships with Celtics. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame and obviously has his number up in the Rafters. He resides so low on this list due to the fact of when he played and the actual Available footage of him playing. Who knows maybe if he played in the 80’s he would be Higher on this list.

bobby C

  1. Rob Gronkowski

The influence Gronk has had on the City of Boston is incredible and some people may think This it too high on this list but just listen. Gronk is already considered one of the greatest Tight Ends to play the game. That mixed in with his killer personality and his toughness was Able to crack him on this list. Injuries are the only reason keeping him from being higher on This list and only time will tell if he is able to climb the ladder with the rest of the Boston Greats.


  1. Pedro Martinez

The greatest Pitcher in Boston Red Sox history finds himself at number 8. Being the Red Sox Ace for many years, Winning a World Series for the club, and being inducted into Cooperstown speaks for itself. But Pedro also brought this attitude and humor that Sox fans Absolutely loved. If it weren’t for an early departure and possibly more World Series titles Than Pedro could’ve possibly found himself much higher on this list.


  1. Paul Pierce

If you walk around the street of Boston today and ask them who their all time favorite Celtic Was 8 out of 10 people would say Paul Pierce. Pierce was drafted by the Celtics and led them To a championship in 2008 with the help of KG and Ray Allen. He stuck with the Celtics Through the hard times and was rewarded in the end. Someday you will see the number 34 Hanging next to Larry Bird’s number and until then Celtic’s fans will always miss that Step-back fadeaway jumper.

Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce celebrates w

  1. David Ortiz

Big Papi probably has had the best influence on the City of Boston more than any other Athlete. His personality and humor made him a local icon. Along with that he has the Numbers to back it up with 541 Homeruns and 3 World Series rings. People will always Debate whether he belongs in Cooperstown but to me and every other Red Sox fan he is a No-doubt first ballot. Thank You Papi!

big papi

  1. Bill Russell

Without Bill Russell who knows if the Celtics would be considered the greatest franchise in The NBA. Everyone knows about the 11 NBA Championships he won but also Bill averaged 15.1 PPG and a staggering 22.1 RPG. With these numbers you would think Russell would Deserve to be higher on this list but quite frankly I think we all know who the greatest Celtic Of All-Time is.

billy R

  1. Bobby Orr

I think it’s quite ironic that Orr lands at number 4 since that is the number he wore all those Years for the Bruins. He is the only Bruin to make the list and deservingly so. He was a Two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Bruins and everyone can remember his famous Shot which was the game winning one in the 1970 Stanley Cup. He is the only defensemen (for now) to win the Art Ross trophy which is awarded to the league leader in scoring. Orr Has a long lasting legacy attached with Boston Bruins hockey.

Bobby orr

  1.  Larry Bird

Larry Legend is not only an all-time Boston Great but also in regards to the NBA, he is easily Top-5 player of all-time. That orthodox stroke that somehow went in, those battles with Magic, and that gritty toughness that attracted the City of Boston. Bird captured 3 NBA Championships with the Celtics, is obviously in the Naismith Hall of Fame and has his Number up in the crowded rafters. Most will question why he is only #3 but it is certainly hard to argue the next two.

LArry Legend

  1. Ted Williams

Where do I start? Although never seeing Ted Williams play, his stats speak for themself. With 521 career Home Runs and a career average of .344, he is considered one of the greatest Overall hitters in MLB history, probably behind Ty Cobb. He was able to bat over .400 an Incredible 3 times over his career which is unheard of nowadays. And God will only know What Ted Williams numbers could have been if he didn’t take those 4 years off to serve our Country (damn Nazis!). I think we could be talking about the greatest baseball player of All-time, Speaking of GOATs…

teddy ballgame

1.Tom Brady

I don’t need to do much explaining on this one. 5 Super Bowl Championships (which will soon be 6) , his mental Toughness, his comeback stories that only happen in movies, his handsomeness   and of Course his supermodel wife. Brady will go down as the best ever, be a first ballot Hall of Famer and deservingly should have his number retired league-wide. Brady is often underappreciated and belittled by people outside of Boston but that’s cause they hate us cause they ain’t us! Also I’d like any naysayers to find me a motivational video of any other starting QB in the NFL because Tom Brady has got plenty! Trust me I’ve seen them all…

Tommy B
Notable Mentions: Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Kevin McHale, KG, Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, and Andre Tippett

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